Monday, February 25, 2008

growth chart

growth chart, originally uploaded by Sonja B..

I told you "Stop Growing! Pleeeease!!!"

This is how much Jakey grew since last February! Crazy!

We had a very lazy, relaxing day today... I have a huge list of things I need to get done tomorrow - before Jake's B-Day and before my school starts. I checked my planner and pretty much for the rest of the semester I'll have at least two exams every week!

This coming week is going to be crazy!

Monday: Jake's Dentist appointment. I am also working and getting everything ready for J's Birthday. (cupcakes, present, card, clean up, etc)
Tuesday: Jake's B-Day in the morning and the rest of the day school for me!
Wednesday: We are going to the aquarium in the am and he has soccer at night!
Thursday: all day school for me + 3 exams!!!
Friday: I have my Accounting Midterm and I need to get everything ready for J's Party
Saturday: PAAAARTY!!!
Sunday: relax!

I am sure I forgot a bunch of things...

Have a great week everyone!

PS: Excuse the dirty door frame... this is our laundry room and it is screaming for a paint job!

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