Thursday, January 24, 2008

College at 3?

We are trying to teach Jake German and to be honest not very successful. He probably understands 75% of the time in German, but does not speak German at all.
We thought we would put him in a German school here in town, so he can pick up the language and the German traditions and customs. We toured the school and fell in love with the program and were hoping to enroll him for preschool in the fall of this year.

Today I get this e mail from the school

in bold is what my thoughts to this are


Below is the information that you need for the registration event that will begin on Monday, February 11th.

1.Doors will open at 6:00 am. The line will form at the double doors, at the back of the newer building. There is a driveway at the intersection of Chickasaw and Warner. At the end of the driveway, there is a teacher parking lot with an unattractive RV parked in the corner. We will be using the double doors there for registration.
If you are planning on getting in line early, please form a single file line starting at that door. Sign up sheets or “placeholders” will not be allowed. I will be driving by on the weekend to check in and make sure that everything is calm and orderly. Should I expect otherwise?
2.At 6:00 am, Frau Mulligan, the principal, will open the doors. People will be handed numbers as they walk in and everyone will come into the gym to sit. Coffee and tea will be available. Oh thanks, considering I sat outside for 24+ hours in the middle of February... We will call numbers up, process applications and send people on their way. So, again I waited 24+hours for a 2 minute process!
3.Please remember that there will be just ONE line for all applicants-Pre-School, Kindergarten and First grade. bla, bla, bla
4.Please bring with you (a huge list of things)
5.Officially, we will have 20 preschool spots (yeah but only 10 of these spots are available since 10 are for the head start program) and 90 Kindergarten spots. Because sibling registration comes first, some spots will be filled before the 11th. I will be sending out another email after sibling registration is complete to let all parents know how many spots have already been filled. (so, it might be even less than 10 spots!)
6.Many of you have expressed concern with the “line” and “camping.” Some people will be camping, but I don’t know when. No one may come before Friday at 4:00. (WHAT??? I had to double check on this one... the door opens Monday at 6am and people can stand in line by Friday????) The police know that parents will be there that weekend. They will be patrolling. I will be stopping by over the weekend, as well as the principal. this sound like it coulg get violent, lol

It is harder to get my 3 year old into this preschool than to get into college! Crazy! And no thank you! We will try for kindergarten, when there are at least 90 spots available!

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