Monday, January 7, 2008

belated christmas

Yesterday we had Jakey's godmother and my best friend over, Ally and her daughter Lilly. We celebrated "belated" christmas, opened presents and ate all afternoon and evening long... at least that's how I feel today.

Jakey got to open a few more presents and LOVES his new Diego Rescue Pack. His new line is now: "Baby Jaguar are you okay? Do you need Help?"

J also has now a new favorite food - CHOCOLATE FONDUE.... oh the mess! But it was really good. Thanks Ally!

At night Scot and I watched Amazing Race (so glad Rachael and T.K. are still in, but they really don't have much of a chance with a Speedbump and a 3 hour delay) and Desperate Housewives... yeah, Linette's family survived.

Well, that's pretty much sums up our day

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