Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Almost a whole year has past again... 

Just a few hours left in 2013 and I just have to (try) express how great this year was for us!
We started the year off as a very difficult time with Finn. I don't write about his struggles very often. But end on 2012, beginning of 2013 was the toughest ever. Problems at school, at daycare, here at home. Woke up 12 times every night!!! Didn't eat for days, would walk out of the house while we were asleep (yes we have three locks on our front door) etc. Doctors wanted to put him on meds, mainly because his behavior was dangerous to himself! I knew this was not an option for us or for our three year old. I knew we had to fight. Fight for him, fight for our family. I became depressed. Isolated myself. It's not easy to be THAT parent with THAT child. Hard to listen to advice non stop and even harder to hear that there is nothing wrong with him. So at the end of February we signed Finn up for an intense form of therapy. I am not kidding when I tell you this was the hardest decision we have ever done as a family. I cried for days and prayed that we made the right decision. It was hard... Huge time commitment and financial too. But by the beginning of the summer it was over and we had a "normal" life back. We had the most amazing summer. He is doing great in school and not a day goes by I don't get compliments on his behavior. A few days ago I had a restaurant manager come up to me and tell me how well behaved our little boy is. A year ago we couldn't even imagine going to a restaurant. 
So to end this... 2013 was the most amazing year we had in a long time. Thank you!!!

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