Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Tree Farm

We finally got our Christmas Tree! We like waiting till closer to Christmas... a tradition that Scot's family did and mine. Christmas seems to us so much more special if the decorations are just hung up. It always gets us in a great Christmas spirit. Plus we don't have to worry too much about Finn and the tree. The tree only needs to survive for a few days versus an entire month!

We picked Jake up from school a little early (just 10 min) and headed over to the Christmas Tree farm. Of course it took us forever to find the perfect tree and of course just like last year. Every time we found a tree we liked, we decided to keep looking and come back to it later. Except we could never find it again. Next year someone please remind me to bring ribbons to mark the trees!

 Of course there was lots of screaming about who gets to carry the saw (haha Finn if you ever think I will let you hold a saw), lots of whining about "are we done yet" but at the end we all agreed it was a lot of fun and we are cutting our own tree down again next year!

Finny was trying so desperate to kiss "Schnitzel" the goat!
 I think we need to move this kid out to the country!

On the way home we decided what better way to end the day then Donuts for dinner!

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