Monday, November 8, 2010

Time to say Goodbye

I have been thinking about this A LOT over the past few months... I know you have noticed.

I am not here anymore.

I am busy with the kids all day and at night I work on pictures.

By the time I am done with that I just don't feel like updating here anymore.

I didn't feel like there was space on here for my client pictures and I didn't feel like there was space for my kids pictures on my clients space.

So, I am going to combine these two. Some days you will get to see pretty pictures of gorgeous people and some other days you will get to see pictures of MY gorgeous people.

I will try to make it a daily routine to update. At least more than twice a month.

I worked hard on this new blog. I hope you like it but for now it is time to say Good Bye on here.

Maybe one day I will be back here... when Finn is in school probably ;)

Please visit me at Please take your time to follow me over there.

I will close this blog down for good in a few weeks.


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