Sunday, September 12, 2010

our sick finn

Last week Finn was diagnosed with an ear infection. Poor kiddo was in so much pain that we decided to put him on amoxicillin.

He was doing great until this past Friday. Sometime in the morning I noticed he had a bunch of "bug bites" on his belly. Paranoid as I am, I called the Bug People. They came right out and inspected the whole house for over an hour and couldn't find anything. We thought he had a little spider in his onsie that bid him at night.

That evening I gave him his second dosage of amoxicillin for the day and was getting him ready for bed. Soon after I noticed that his whole body was covered with wells. I called the on call doctor and they told me to bring him in in the morning and to make sure his tongue and throat were not swelling.

He seemed fine except for the wells.

I put him to bed and went downstairs. Something nagged me to check on him again. I went in his room and he was still awake but doing funny things with his tongue. I did a quick mouth swipe, thinking that he has something in his mouth, only to discover that only my pinkie fits in his mouth. His tongue and cheeks were sooo swollen.

I scooped him up, loaded both kids in the car and drove to the Children's Hospital ER.

There we didn't have to wait long. He was pretty quickly diagnosed with a severe allergic reaction to penicillin.

After many many hours of tests and waiting that the swelling would go down and watching one of the weirdest show I have ever seen on Nick Jr. we could go home.

Yesterday his face and body were pretty badly swollen. His eyes looked like someone bunched him and in general you could tell he was miserable.

This picture is from this morning. He is looking already a lot better but still has lots of wells.


We are going back to the doctor in the morning.

Please send him some good vibes for a speedy recovery!


  1. oh man! That is scary! I'm glad he is okay, at least you found out what it was!!

  2. Ooooh, mein armer kleiner Pumuckl...
    hope he gets better soon!
    love you

  3. Poor boy!! Hope he's feeling better.

  4. My son had the same problems with amoxicillin, and his face was grown up, the eyes were nearly closed,the lips were huge.
    Now we take care not to give him penicillin, and it doesn't happen anything like that again.
    Greetins from germany.