Monday, July 26, 2010

Postcards from Canada - Day Ten & Eleven

Yesterday we met up with a really great friend of mine and her family.

We spent the whole afternoon swimming, playing in the sand, talking, talking and talking.

Jake had an amazing time and so much fun with his new friends. I think they must have been about 6 hours in the water. They couldn't get enough.

Finn was loved by the two girls and they enjoyed playing Mommy with him.

At some point we had a little bbq along the river and later went back to the beach to enjoy the sunset together, take pictures and the kids take one more dip in the water.

I have tons of pictures and can't wait to show them to you down the road, but this computer doesn't handle my large file size very well.

Today should have been a relaxing day. My Mom was at work, just me and the boys. Finn was super cranky and Jake very annoyed by him... a mixture that was catastrophic. Therefor no picture... it took me 3 hours to just lay him down for one nap. I am exhausted and really hope tomorrow will be better.

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