Friday, July 23, 2010

Postcards from Canada - Day seven and eight

Yesterday Jakey got a haircut. Oma took him and when he came home all he could tell me about was about some magical boat sitting in some womans garage. He thought it was amazing and told me about all the details. Even about the fishing hooks in the cupholders and the fishing net on the floor. I had to pinky promise him that as soon as possible we would go to see it. "And if you don't I will not stop talking about it". All day yesterday and today at the most random time he would say "I love that boat Mommy" haha
In the afternoon we did some lawn mowing for Kurt... something we have been anticipated for days... we literally watched the grass grow so we finally could sattle up and mow. It went okay. At the end the anticipation was bigger.
Jakey spent the night at the neighbors and didn't come home today until after noon. He had tons of fun and watched Ice Age with his new best little buddy.

We spent the majority today inside. It has been horrible muggy outside and Finn refused to sleep at all. More than even usual. It was a long day but at the end we were rewarded with an amazing rainbow.

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  1. it sounds very interesting and funny for the kid ... and the rainbow is marvellous ... the sky looks wider and nearer in Canada than in Europe ... greetings from Austria (no kangaroos over here! we have lipizans instead!)