Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Laundry. Gah!!! Never ending. Seriously!

How come a family of 4 can produce 6 baskets of laundry a week? Seriously, HOW is that possible? I feel like I am doing constantly laundry.
Finn still throws up so much during the day that he easily goes through 4 changes of clothes. Then we have burp clothes, bibs, onsies, cloth diapers, almost every day I have to change the sheets in his crib, wash cloths...
Jake is probably the easiest! He loves to sleep naked (I Know TMI), and could care less if he is dirty. He hates to wear socks, so that is out too. He doesn't want me to change his bed sheets every week because he likes the smell.. LOL yeah he is strange.
I am easy too... since gaining so much weight during pregnancy I have exactly one pair of pants that fit me. I refuse to buy more before I get this weight of me.
Scot! Seriously... I think I need to take him to get his eyes checked since he always misses the laundry basket and can't see the wet towels on the floor hehe

So, I tried to do laundry twice a week. Mondays and Fridays. Last week I did it. This week not so much.

The problem is not the washing, not the sorting and for sure not putting everything in the dryer BUT the folding and putting away part is what gets me. UGH!
In our old house we had a large laundry room upstairs and I installed shelves that way I could get the clothes out of the dryer and immediately put them on the shelves. Here our laundry room, is more like a closet, downstairs and in the kitchen.

Am I the only one who has such a hard time keeping up with laundry? And if I am, what is your little secret to get this done? What am I doing wrong?

Oh and before I forget... the one thing that I hate more than folding laundry is ironing! I rather take the clothes that need to be ironed in the car and drive them to the dry cleaners and pick them back up again a few days later than to iron!

The only thing that makes folding laundry a bit sweeter is when this little guy "helps" me.

*** EDIT i just got an e mail from my mom

"You have never thought much about laundry. Here you scattered the whole basket full over the living room just after folded them up."

I told you I hated that part of doing laundry!


  1. I feel the exact same!!! I don't mind the washing, drying and even folding part, but putting away, ugh I hate it! So I leave the clean laundry in the basket and wait for Rhett to put it away. It usually takes him a couple of days but evenetually he gets around to it. And at our house we don't iron... my dryer has wrinkle-free setting and it's my lifesaver! DOn't worry too much about!
    Also, I have seperate black and white hamper, but usually I even seperate the colors out and do BIG loads of all 3 of us together. Now diapers are completely seperate and I don't mind doing those, although I don't like putting them back together :/
    So chin up and don't stress... and deligate to Scot!!! yeah right, I know... *HUGS*

  2. HEY sONJA, I CAN'T COMMENT ON ALL YOUR POSTS i HAVE MISSED BUT JUST WANTED TO SAY HOW i LOVE SEEING YOUR VIDEOS! fINN IS SO DEVINE (whoops, CAPS, sorry!!) & Jake is adorable! As for laundry, tell me about it! Never ending! I don't mind it when I have time but the folding & putting away when there is more important stuff to do, aggghhhh!!!!

  3. Sonja, with the six of us, if I don't wash everyday it so gets out of hand! miss a day or two & oh man what a nightmare & as for the ironing, pfft.. don't even go there!! xo

  4. We do at least a load a day and it BITES. If I get behind a few days, it becomes a huge mountain of clothes to deal with. I hate laundry. Like you said, the sorting, washing, drying is all fine...it is the constant folding. And, I DO NOT iron. I would assume hang myself. Who has time to iron? I flat out refuse. If Aaron needs something ironed, he does it himself. Hang in there. It doesn't get easier, you just start finding more time after that first year. Remember Caleb was a puker? We did the same thing...tons of laundry because of him. But, it does get more manageable. Can't believe I am about to do it all over again.