Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The other day I tucked Jake into bed and told him how much I love him and Daddy and Finn loves him.

Jake: I need to tell you something

me: Yeah?

J: I don't really like the baby

(my heart stopped for a split second)

m: why?

J: because he bothers me! He cries so much and I cant think right when he cries!

As much as I wish for my son to be into his brother... it is just not happening.

We try everything from help out Mommy with the baby, telling him how great of a brother he is, spending some Mommy & Me time with him, include the baby in silly games and Scot even invented the game "Kung Fu Baby" (don't ask)

He doesn't want to be around him, doesn't want to kiss him, not hold him, hug him... nothing.

Jake is not mean to Finn. He would never hurt him and he doesn't get jealous. He just doesn't care for him and YES that does brake my heart a little.

But I do have hope that he will come around eventually. He will, right?


  1. I am sure he will come around. Crying babies have always bothered Jake and he already has come a long way by not screaming every time the baby cries.
    It's already a big step that he doesn't have negative feelings toward him, just being neutral....

  2. He will, he will, he will...i promise. Boy did Trevor have a hard time when Caleb was born. He literally tried to kill him a few times. We had to be near him in eye shot for the first 8-9 months. Once he became mobile, it got a lot better. Caleb was the same way with McKenna. I think Ally is right...a lot of it had to do with the long hours of piercing cries (especially for Caleb because he has auditory processing issues). But it does get better. I think neutral is good. It is better than trying to kill