Thursday, February 18, 2010

home sweet motel

On our trip back from Canada we stayed in a rather shaggy motel... we were tired and didn't really care much to look for a different motel.

Jakey LOVES staying in hotels and he was so exited and thought this was our new home... it only can get better from a dirty little hotel room, right?

He documented the whole stay and I discovered today that he was able to take 133 pictures of one room!!!

I narrowed them WAY down to show you how Jakey loved our stay at the Motel 6!

the pool was a major hit... who cares if it was closed

essentials in every hotel room

the "magic key" to open our door was another big attraction and a reason to choose this motel over any home

yeah these are beautiful too.. and hey they worked

the oscar nominees were anounced that morning


i love the concentration on his face

we actually had ONE towel

another essential ;)

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