Thursday, February 25, 2010


Dear Jakey,

I just finished blowing up the balloons, baking brownies, wrapping presents and setting everything up for your birthday.

You will be five tomorrow. FIVE!

Honestly this has been probably the hardest birthday for me... FIVE! half of a decade old.

Next thing I know you will be ten, then fifteen and almost driving.

Please slow down!

This last year has been extremely important to us... you became a big brother, we moved, you learned how to swim, and learned so so many other cool things.

If I would have to describe you in five words, I would say you are

loyal (your friends and family are always on your mind and if you love someone you love them with 150% of your heart)

funny (you really do crack us up ALL.THE.TIME)

imaginative (you can play forever with a piece of wood which you named Rocky)

loving (again you have a huge heart for those around you)

and overexcited (I looked up a synonym for hyper - when you get going there is no stopping, sometimes this can be pretty hard on us but mostly you are a lot of fun)

Jake, you are an awesome Kid. You really, really are. A lot of people love you a tons and I totally understand why!

Finn already thinks you are the coolest thing ever and looks up to you. You might not understand this now, but I know later you will.

We love you, like you like to put it... ten much and ten much more! We are so so very proud of you and will continue to root for you in life.

Have a Happy Birthday, Kid!

Mommy & Daddy


  1. Happy Birthday, Jakey. See you tomorrow!

  2. ok, so now I am crying, thanks... ;)
    Well done Sonja, what a lucky boy he is to have you as a Mommy! We love our jakey and are so so happy to know him and count him as a friend. Happy Birthday Jakey!

  3. Hope you had a fantastic birthday, Jakey!!