Sunday, January 10, 2010

this counts for yesterday

here is my list (remember I love lists) of things I am happy about moving out of this house

1. the cats are not coming with us! don't worry they are going to a new and better home. i am not a cat person!
2. the spiral staircase! it looks cool but omg it is dangerous! just ask jakey, he lost his front tooth from falling down it!
3. the stairs that go in the basement or what we call the "baby death trap"
4. as a photographer i love, love the windows in the house, but paying for it every month in heating sucks big time
5. it is great to have 5 acres, but taking care of it not so much!
6. moving away from our neighbors. they are sure not the neighbors from hell but they are not the friendlist either.

so, now I feel better about leaving!


  1. Love the list! :)

  2. good luck with a new home, hopefully pretty soon :-)