Tuesday, January 5, 2010



I am going to try something new... trying to focus this year on the positive! So every day (remember I said I was "trying") I will post something positive, something beautiful about our day. Even if it is something simple as a one line post saying "I had coco puffs for breakfast".
Other days I will try to post a picture of our special moment. And others you might get a video.
Today you are getting both!

The best about today was me and Jakey sneaking out (the baby didn't want to sleep, and Scot "really" had to work) and went sledding! Wow that thing is fast... I was terrified at times, but mostly the two of us squeaked for more. It was a lot of fun!!!

In the video you can see us just rolling and rolling at the end. I am totally sore but it was so worth it!

When we came home Jakey told Scot "I wish you were with us, it was soooo much fun"


  1. so cute! i laughed at all the tumbling at the end ;-)

  2. That was awesome! Makes me wish I would have braved the cold and taken the kids out. HV