Tuesday, December 8, 2009

bath time

we don't just do bath time in this house because the kids are dirty... no bath time here is a way of saving our sanity! seriously!

if jakey gets too hyper... in the tub he goes! there he can't go anywhere and he has fun for sometimes up to an hour with out me having to entertain him non-stop.

if finn gets colicky at night and screams for hours with no end... the only thing that helps is water. so in his little bath bucket he goes and he calms down in an instant! He can stay in there up to 30 minutes and is in absolute heaven!

here are a few pictures from tonight's bath time.

please excuse the poor picture quality but the subject matter is way too cute and makes up for it ;)

i love me some naked baby butt shots

this pictures melts my heart!

i love how comfy he looks in there


  1. Baby butts are the cutest!

    i just did bath time w/ a 17mo. AND a 20mo. .... not that WILL drive you insane! lol

  2. OMG - he is sooo cute! I love his smile and he is so cuddly! Can't wait to hold him again.

  3. I am so so happy the bucket helps... Paul was in heaven in it, too and I love the way their little body looks from the side in it :)
    Hope he feels better soon and you get your sanity back *hugs*