Tuesday, November 24, 2009

catch up

5 weeks

Trying to update you on the past few weeks in bulletin style

- Oma was here last week. It was nice to have an extra set of hands to help out with the boys.
- I have been super busy working - which of course is a great thing. I am booked out for 2009 and now taking appointments for 2010 already!
- Jake has been doing great. Still not interested in holding the baby to much, but he constantly tells him how much he loves him. Awwww
- Finn is getting bigger and bigger. A week ago at his one month check up he weighed 10 pounds and 13 ounces!
- Jakey got his H1N1 shot last week. Knowing that he "wiggs" out when he sees a needle I didn't tell him what was about to happen. Once he saw the needle it took three of us to hold him still! I felt horrible and was literally sick to my stomach doing that to him.
- Last weekend we went to Balluminaria at Eden Park. It was beautiful seeing the balloons glow. Jakey also got to see Santa there and asked him for a gun... yep that's right! He is still obsessed with guns... not sure if I ever mentioned this ever on here.
- Today Jake came home from school and told me that there is a new girl in his class "And Mommy I already love her!" He probably is one of the most loving little boys I know.

So, that was it for now... as the baby seems to be held every waken minute!

But I will update again with pictures of our Thanksgiving Feast!!!

swimming fish
Jakey's Indian name is "Swimming Fish"

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