Wednesday, October 7, 2009

still here...

It has been quiet around here.

Mainly due to me not being able to sit at the computer for a longer period of time.

Anyways the countdown is on... (well it has been on) but we are down to eight more days.

I am predicting I am going to go all the way and OVER... just like with Jakey.

But since we are in the homestretch Scot and I are trying to spend some extra quality time with Jake.

Last night we worked all three together on his Halloween costume... today we are hoping to finish it up. We are letting Jake help with the whole process, something he is really proud of himself. Pictures to come!

The night before we made caramel apples... OMG they were soooo delicious and we had them again the next day for breakfast!

We also spent a great evening with friends at the Halloween fest at Coney Island. Jakey danced his little bootie of at the laser show.

Dancing and Music seem to be his new passion by the way. He has been begging us to take ballet, always is singing a tune or bobbing his head to some music. Last night he discovered my iPod and fell asleep listening to music... I kept hearing him sing "Go baby go... yeah go baby go" Just too funny.

If no baby by this weekend we are going to try to make it to the Pumpkin Patch... lets see how swollen my feet are.

Anyways we are trying to make the best out of the last few days of a family of three. I love my boys and can't wait to add another one to the mix.

This morning I finally convinced both boys for a last family of three picture. They gave me about 3 minutes and 3 takes... hahaha this is the best one out of the three.


I love how Scot is holding Jakeys neck to make him sit still! He sure is a busy guy.

Maybe next week I will post a first family of four picture. Let's hope so!!!


  1. What a sweet picture :) Counting down with you - can't wait to welcome your newest family member!

  2. Cute picture. Have fun at the pumpkin patch or the hospital - wherever you end up! ;-)