Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Brother

after four and half years being the center of attention of our small family, Jakey has to now share the spot light.

I am not really sure how things are going... they are just going.

He is nice to the baby.

But that is easy, since Jakey is staying far, far away from Finn.

He is a proud big brother... at least when prompted

me: Do you want to take your baby brother to class and show him to your friends?

J: How about I just take a picture!!!

He does not want to hold the baby, does not want to kiss the baby, or even touch him.

But he is very gentle around the baby, keeps his voice down around him and tells me when he cries.

And when I am not looking he will talk to Finn and stick his pacy in his mouth...

I think he likes him!

(Jakey meeting his baby brother for the first time)

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  1. Aw. He is shy around his brother. Cute. You HAVE got to get him talking to Finn on camera when you aren't "looking" ;-)