Saturday, September 19, 2009

Getting ready

We are all getting in full baby mood!

I have been put on bed rest last week... at least for a week, since I've been having strong contractions and am already 4cm dilated.

"I will be happy when you get to 37weeks and even happier if you go to 38 and then we can talk about getting this baby out of you"

as my Doctor put it.

Jakey did his Big Brother class at the beginning of September. It was really cute and I wish I had a video camera with me... they talked a lot about things the baby can do and more important what we CAN'T do with the baby. They gave us a tour of the maternity ward and even had little baby dolls for the kiddos to practise, holding, feeding and even diapering the baby.

bigbro class

bigbro class

Scot is also getting ready and I think it is really funny to see his "pregnancy symptoms". He has gained weight, has cravings, has been complaining alot of heartburn and even started NESTING! lol I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him on all fours scrubbing the kitchen floor!

So, little guy we are ready for you!

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