Tuesday, July 7, 2009

turning thirty

yeah yesterday was THE day... Believe it or not but I turned thirty yesterday!

As many of you know all I wanted for my birthday was take out Gnoccis from Maggianos and Tiramisu from Bucca. And boy did Scot deliver...

birthday dinner

I even had a small glass of Muscato wine (which I flushed down with Fruit Punch).

birthday dinner

The Tiramisu was heavenly! I even had a portion this morning for breakfast.... and yeah some for lunch and dinner too... but it is gone now! ;)

Notice the bottle of Tums on the table? I think I experienced THE worse heartburn of my life last night. It was so bad that around 8pm I was seriously considering going to the hospital! Had again some this morning, but luckily they have been gone since. Anyone knows a good remedy (except for Tums... thankyouverymuch they are not helping)?

birthday dinner

And what would be a birthday without a preschooler refusing to eat his dinner (he did eat the salad and some bread)?

birthday dinner

and of course the birthday girl!

little curl

and how can I deny you THE curl! Seriously this thing is soooo addictive I constantly want to twirl my finger in it.

It was a wonderful birthday (except for the wicked heartburn)... very low key, relaxing and TONS of birthday phone calls, wishes, FB messages, e mails, etc...

Thirty is good!


  1. Glad the bday was so great! LOVE Jakey's curl.

    Zantac 21 is safe during pregnancy, you can take one per day and it helps tremendously w/ the heartburn. If you don't need it every day, just take as needed, once a week or whatever.

  2. Glad you had a happy birthday!!