Sunday, July 26, 2009

one week

We have a week until our vacation... ONE week and tons of things to get done.

a gazillion loads of laundry, because apparently our washer still doesn't know how to load itself! (all done)

clean house, but ONLY because we are going to have a house guest stay here while we are gone and I think he would appreciate being able to walk without tripping over toys, junk and more junk...

clean out fridge... I think I saw some 4th of July leftovers in there! Yuck!

get Jake a haircut... or just a little trim. MOM that one is ONLY for you!

I have 2 more ONE session this week!

I have to edit 5... FIVE! FOURS THREETWOONE sessions + one wedding PLUS burn them, order prints and send them out.

I desperately need new business cards... so they need to be ordered!

Jakey has Speech this week... the most boring hour of my week! (went actually pretty well this week)

Tons of Target returns, because apparently I should look at the price BEFORE I buy something.

Somehow figure out how to organize Jakeys room... I just don't know where to put those toys anymore... I think a visit to Ikea is due!

Well, and then it would be nice if I would do some packing for our trip.

Oh and yeah maybe I should be cleaning out our car so that the border patrol doesn't mistake it for a toxic dumpster!

Any volunteers???

1 comment:

  1. Yikes! Sounds like a busy week in store for you!

    All the sneak previews look great, by the way :)