Sunday, June 28, 2009

we have a swimmer

look at my little boy swim! obviously this wasn't a whole lap and not really any michael phelps moves but he did it! we are so proud of him!

we almost gave up thinking that he would learn how to swim this summer... because its seems like he is stuck in swim class and this is already the last week.

but today he surprised us!

he even did a canon ball jump, "airplane jump" and spinning 360 degrees while jumping!

here he is underwater with his adult size goggles... he calls them "underwater see glasses" or "underwater binoculars". the only ones he will wear! believe me I tried many times to get him ones that actually fit him, but it has to be those... like a real scuba diver.

family pic

and this post wouldn't be completed with a goofy underwater family picture!

we had a great day!!!


  1. That picture is STUPENDOUS!! :) I love that you caught him mid jump like that!!! You totally rocked it, as did Jakey with all that swimming! I bet he's tuckered out tonight!

  2. Wow! Great job little guy!