Saturday, June 27, 2009


we have been so busy these past few days with just enjoying the sun, creating memories and spending a lot of time as a family.

i always have my trusty p&s with me.

here you go


most days we spend at the pool. actually we are there mon-thurs at least since jakey has swim lesson on those days. he swims great under water but panics once he is on the surface...

king of the mountain

one of the great things where we live are the parks. we have at least 6 great parks in a radius of 8 miles around us. this particular one just opened a new section with rock climbing walls and a fort. of course jakey and his buddy conquered the biggest mountain... but needed help getting down

blueberry picking

every year we pick our own blueberries and they usually last us almost for the entire year. today we didn't have much time but we are going back next week. i think we picked about 7 pounds today. and they are soooo delicious!

where is jakey?

one of Jakeys favorite places to go to! and mine least favorite one... it is always packed!!!

let's play "where is Jakey?" can you find him?

a selfie

when i dumped the pictures today on my pc, i found this selfie he took. i think it is perfect. look at those gorgeous eyes!

so far we had a great summer... but still so much more fun stuff planned!


  1. Beautiful eyes, indeed. What fun pictures!

  2. on the turtle - i can spot him anywhere, or can i?

  3. Are those ROUSTERS blueberrie?!?!?! I used to work there - YUMMMM