Tuesday, June 9, 2009

from dungeon to nursery PART I (again)

The dungeon room has been finally cleaned out and now the real work can begin!

This is my favorite part... the demolition!

before nursery

first of all we need to rip out the build-in bed frame on the floor, the build-in bunk bed and the weird thing with all the wired stuff. I know I sound very technical.

Later we are going to paint those drawers, and build some sort of shelving in the "weird thing with the wired stuff"!

before nursery

we are going to paint the beam white (even with Scot's disapproval since he loves orange) but blue and orange? I don't think so!

The wood floors under the build-in bed frame need to be stained, since they were left untreated.

And the chains coming out from the orange beam is not for what you are thinking... but to hang the build-in bunk bed from. Got it? I told you this was a dungeon!

before nursery

those very sorry looking closet doors need to be taken out and are going to be replaced with a cute curtain.

before nursery

Once the closet door is taken off we the Oma fairy is going to build in some shelves and make the whole closet more efficient.

before nursery

Of course all the wood paneling need to be sanded, holes need to be patched, and painted!

We have a lot of work to do! Any volunteers?


  1. 3 cheers for Oma fairy! - I have a new leak! Wanna figure out where it comes from?