Thursday, June 25, 2009


twenty four weeks pregnant today


some facts:

Baby had his first hiccup the other night. It was so cute that I called Scot on the cell phone (who was only upstairs) to come down so I didn't have to move.

Still craving chocolate milk... and yes alcohol. Don't worry though ;)

Today for the first time I am having a hard time sitting up. I feel like my lungs are being squished.

Jakey talks to the baby via... belly button. lol

Which reminds me... I have an outie!

Baby needs about a half an hour at night to get in the right position (after I got in the right position) to calm down and let me sleep.

Nursery is ready... only the baby clothes need to be sorted/ washed, etc.

I really, really want to take this little guy to a Blondie concert when I am about 35 weeks pregnant. What do you think?


  1. You have such a beautiful belly. Looking good!

  2. Finn is already sooo cute ;)
    Concert sounds good... he'll enjoy it. Paul "danced" to James Taylor at 30weeks, hehe