Friday, December 19, 2008

Let is snow, let is snow...

... let it snow PLEASE!!!

Jakey has quirks.

Things have to be the way they are suppose to be. No execptions... this kid loves to live by the rules. "Sometimes" he makes the rules up, but life is one, big, giant rule.

Every Christmas book, movie, etc shows Christmas with lots and lots of snow.

Today while FINALLY putting our tree up I casually mention to him that Christmas is soon. BIG mistake.

"AHHHHH NOOOOOO! No Christmas there is no snow outside. No, no ,no! Santa wants to see snow. AHHHHH." Then he pulls me to the windows. "Look, no snow. OH NO. Where is the snow? We can't have Christmas!"

PLEASE, please, pretty please LET IT SNOW!

Or our Christmas will be a big mess!


  1. When he sees the presents he'll hopefully forget about the snow at least for a little bit. Personally, I would rather deal with a heavy snowstorm over Christmas than the rainy mess they predict. Tell Jake he need to be very very good or Santa won't bring snow :)

  2. OMG...I love that picture. What a little man Jakey has become. how adorable. I hope it snows too. Everybody loves a white Christmas.

  3. Oh I hope Jakey gets his snow for Christmas. What a cute little chunk of a baby he was!!! Oh my goodness! Love it!