Wednesday, December 10, 2008

a blog post about...


snow angels...

cutting our own Christmas tree...

gingerbread houses...

Secret Santa's...

and making the best out of a bad day!

I have been a bad blogger these past two weeks. A lot of exciting things have happened and I just couldn't find the time or motivation to blog about it. After NaBloPoMo I needed a little break. Have you missed me?
My Mom got married on Dec 5th in Ontario, Canada. It was only a little civil ceremony but the company and food was great and we enjoyed a very special occasion together. My uncle (Jake nicknamed him Uncle Fredo) from Sao Paulo, Brazil came also and it was a blast to see him again after 9 years!
While in Canada I learned two things really quick: Canada has no Target and it is VERY cold. But they do have Canadian Tire and if you bundle up you can actually go outside once in a while... ;)
The highlight of the trip (except for the wedding and seeing uncle Fredo again) was to go cut our own Christmas tree. It was awesome... my favorite pre-christmas thing to do EVER! It was so beautiful to walk through the fresh snow with Jakey on a sled... picking out THE perfect tree and enjoying hot apple sider and roasted marshmallows at a bonfire.
Dec 8th was my due date. Yuck! A day I have dreaded since the end of May when we lost our twins. Not sure what to write about this except that the day started out horribly and ended up being a great one... I counted my blessings, enjoyed my family that day and made plans for the future. Really, what else could I have done?
Today... I got a box in the mail. The box said "Sundance" and I instantly knew what is was even though I didn't even know who sent it to me. I danced around and around with this box under my arm announcing to Scot over and over how happy I am to get this. It was a vintage camera ornament from my Secret Santa.
Thank you, Denise! You defiantly nailed this one... I couldn't have picked a better ornament myself!
Today I also learned that Gingerbread houses can lead to lots of crying, time outs and sugar high kids. It still was a great time!

One more thing! Do you know what an IP address is? Maybe someone on here should look up what it is and hopefully get a life. Sorry, but it had to be said.


  1. We are doing a gingerbread house this weekend!!

    So glad your trip north was good!! I think the reason I couldn't live in Canada is because of the lack of Target. I'd go through some nasty withdrawal...

  2. Hope you aren't referring to me...hehe.

    I should have warned you about the gingerbread houses. Been there, done that. Never again. Kind of like the Festival of Lights. Still miss you an hope to see you soon.

  3. LOL

    No I mean my SIL. For someone who wants nothing to do with us, she still checks up with us everyday.

  4. ((hugs)) to you regarding Dec 8th.

    So glad you received a special package from Sundance and your Secret Santa. They are cute aren't they?!?


  5. Big Hug! Looking forward to see you!