Sunday, November 2, 2008

My ABC's

Just in case you didn't know enough useless facts about me, here are 26 more!

A= Age: 29
B= Bed size: finally KING
C= Chore(s) you hate- ironing
D= Dessert you love: many or all of them!
E= Essential start to your day: snuggling with my boys
F= Favorite actor(s): again many, but Brad Pitt is on top of the list
G= Gold or Silver: Silver
H= Height: 5' 8
I= Instruments you play: a little bit the piano, a little bit the flute
J= Job title: Mommy, wife, and photographer
K= Kitchen color(s): white, green and organge
L= Living arrangements: me, the husband, the son
M= My name is: Sonja, not pronounced Sonschja
N= Nicknames: Soschi, to name one
O= Overnight hospital stay: including when I had my kids - to many to count.
P= Pets: one dog, one cat, one fish
Q= Favorite quote: "Don't cry because it is over, cry because it happened!"
R= Right or left handed: right
S= Siblings: one brother
T= Time you woke up today: 4:30am!!!
U= Unique about you: I have a horrible sense of humor
V= Vegetable you love: Cucumber
W= Worst habit: - Chewing my nails
X= X-Rays you've had: again to many
.Y= Yummy food you make: broccoli soup
Z= Zodiac Sign: Cancer

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