Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meet Huckadoo!

Scot found a little kitten the other day in our garage. It must have looked for some warmth and got locked in my accident.
The cat obviously belongs to someone, we just can't find who. We walked down our street and asked everyone if they knew someone who is missing a cat... so far no luck. Tomorrow we are going to post some posters and see if we have better luck that way.

Meanwhile Jakey is in LOVE with that kitten! He named him instantly Huckadoo. A few days ago I finally asked him

me: Jakey, what does Huckadoo mean?
J: that's the cat
me: no, I mean what does his name Huckaboo mean.
J: Mommy, don't you know. Huckadoo! Huckadoo!
me: noooo, not really
J: okay you go like this (covers his eyes with his hands) Where is Jakey? Huckadoo!
me: OHHHHH Peek-a-boo???

Ohh, we are going to try to find it's original owner, but I wouldn't mind keeping that little thing. He is not a cat... he thinks he is a dog! Right now he is sleeping with Jakey in his top bunk bed. Too cute!

How do you like his name? One a side note: Scot & I wanted to name him Monkey.

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