Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do I see what I think I see?

I found this photo today on a German version of My Space. This is my school picture. The entire school!!! First Grade trough Ninth Grade! It was a very small school, but I have some great memories and really enjoyed my time there.
Anyways the picture was taken in '93 and I was going through the picture to find me. I found a few of my class mates, but not sure if the person I think is me, is actually me... lol

Anyways while zooming in and scanning through the familiar (and not so familiar anymore) faces I found this!

Is this kid doing what I think he is doing???


  1. That is too funny. what a great picture!

  2. There's always one in every bunch! Haha - too funny!

  3. Somebody has to be funny... I bet his mother was very proud of him :)