Saturday, November 1, 2008

and he was a...

CAREBEAR! I decided as well that this was the last year I can put him in a care bear costume and darth vader he can be any other year. So I put the darth vader costume away and asked him if he wanted to be a care bear... YES!!!

He and his cousin (also a care bear)were soooo cute together. And Jakey has come a far far way to be nice to his little cousin. This morning he woke up and the first thing was to ask where Kailing was... he cried and cried and cried! (can you believe it Kolleen?)

I wish I had some nice pictures from last night and share them with you... but my whole amera eqipment including the camera is gone! Yep, gone!!!

I am still too upset about the whole thing but three things:

1. am pretty stupid!
2. there are some pretty bad people out there
3. I can not wait for this year (and my bad luck) to be over!!!


  1. Aww! Our kids are going to be more like siblings, I'm telling you! Kailin bossing Jakey around now, and Jakey actually liking her now. What a change from when we first moved here! Trick-or-treating was so much fun! Thanks for everything!!

  2. The tide will turn.... just believe in it...