Saturday, October 4, 2008

sorry, but some more randomness...

I decided to paint my downstairs bathroom (aka powder room)... then I thought I rip out all the hardware. I had left over paint and our pantry needs a paint job BAD! So I am painting that right now. While painting that I ripped out the old linoleum and replaced it... I hated the build in shelves, so I am doing that too!

Yikes... I made the jump and built my own photography website. It is still under construction but please check it out and let me know what you think. Constructive Criticism is welcome!!! sonja b photography

And I have a new logo!

My good friend Gail designed it for me!
Isn't it so me?!?

Where are my peeps? I know A LOT of people follow this blog... A LOT! But I only have 3 official followers??? People, don't be lazy and click on over there... it doesn't cost anything!

Check out my etsy store. I added a bunch of new stuff. Purty Christmas card designs and I will add a few more over the next few days!

We are going to a B-day party this afternoon and the rest of the day we are going to try to clean up the mess I have created the last few days!

Can you believe it is already October???


  1. you photo site is nicely done! I'm very impressed! My only suggestion, which is very minor (because i realllly liked it) is when you hover over things like "galleries" it highlights the options in that briiight pink - and the overall tone of the site seems to be more toned down - so they don't really fit for me.

    and I love that logo! s cute! would look awesome on a business card ;-) your prhotography is so good!

  2. Awesome! You and Gail both rock!!

  3. I love your logo! It is very you. Girl did a great job with it.

  4. WOW!!! Das ist ja ne tolle Website! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!! Und so professionell. Na dann viel Erfolg für noch viele Aufträge!