Tuesday, October 14, 2008

on how not to get your passport...

My Mom is moving to Canada on November 4th! Yep election day!
And with my hopefully soon arrival of my travel authorization and green card we are hoping to spend the week before Christmas in Canada!
But one more hurdle we have to jump... getting passports for Jakey and Scot!

Ha! That's Easy? Not so fast! Let me tell you something!

We went this morning to get passport pictures taken at a local Walgreen's. No kidding it took 40 minutes! Then off wen went to the Post Office to hand in our applications. My drivers license is expired and so I had to get back home to get my passports! Back at the Post Office... our picture we took earlier at Walgreen's are overexposed! But they could do them at the Post Office. It would be a little more money but we could do it right there and then. We had to wait a little so he could set everything up... and then we waited and waited... after 30 minutes... the camera is broken. Sorry! We would have to go back to Walgreen's.
Back at Walgreen's the pictures all come out overexposed so we get our money back and head to a different Walgreen's. 20 Minutes later we finally have good passport pictures in our hands. At this point the kids were hungry (we had our niece with us) so we stopped at McD's. Of course we can't leave there without the kids playing in the play land. We had a quick lunch and some playtime and headed back to the car. Where were my car keyes? We looked everywhere inside. Then we thought we threw them in the trash with the tray by accident. Through the trash we went... nothing! After 30 minutes of going nuts a customer comes up to us and asked us if we are looking for keyes? No! We always go through Mc D's trash! He found them...
So back to the Post Office... and 3rd time was a charm.
$200 and 4 hours later we finally handed in our passport applications!

So, here is something to cheer me up!

"Mommy I cheese you, and you cheese me!"

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  1. oh yes... I know what you mean! There are such days in life when everything just turns out wrong. But never the less, there is allways something positive about it; afterwards it's a good laugh!
    looking forward to see you soon.
    love mom.