Monday, October 20, 2008

Catch up!

Yikes - I am busy!!! I am editing, editing, editing and in between trying to entertain a 3 year old who definitely needs to work on his indoor voice.
But I will try to catch up as good as I can.

First order of business:
I feel bad... really, really bad! My exciting news... not THAT exciting! For me they are. For Scot too. And of course for Jakey. And probably his mattress!
Finally no more night time pull ups! He is truly a big boy now! Disappointed? Sorry, my life doesn't just revolve around reproduction.

THANK YOU INTERNETS! You are all awesome! We have been getting mail almost every day and Jakey is in heaven! And every postcard and letter is displayed in his room.

Third - Jakeyism's!!!

"wolly wolly cin" this took me a while but I figured it out! Cinnamon Rolls... ha ha!!!

"Help! My legs are sticking out of my body!"

FINALLY! I finally had my biometrics appointment this morning for my green card. That means I am one step closer to being legal in the country... okay, I am just kidding! I AM legal here... just need to finalize things!

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins... We took Jakey and Kailin to a Pumpkin Patch to get some beautiful fall pictures of the kiddos. The whole things was a big flop and all of us couldn't wait to leave! So, hopefully next weekend I can get some good fall shots!

We are all sick! Cough, runny noses, cough, cough and cough!

I really like using ! and this ...

We finally got our family pictures taken by a friend. I can't wait to see them! I just want ONE good family photo.

I have had some really fun photo shoots this past week. I will offer a few sneak previews during the week.

Okay time for me to go to bed!


  1. where did you go for pumpkins? As kids we always went to Shaw's (and Rousters is right down the road, GREAT cider and terrific apples!)

    I'm glad his postcard arrived safely! I'll be sending another one out this week!

  2. Love the Jake-mail pics! They're great! :)