Thursday, September 11, 2008

my baby started preschool today

I had everything planned for today... I would pack him a great snack, give him his German sugar cone, take some portraits with the German sugar cone, take him to school, take some more pictures, come home and nap...

I forgot his juice boxes at the store.
Realized that I can't find his bottle.
Only had peanut crackers, and they are a big no no at school!
He was whining and crying about putting his school shirt on.
I forgot to change the ISO on my camera (again)
I forgot my camera when we dropped him off at school
Once at home I realized that my friend will be here in a few hours and my house is a mess...

Anyways he had a great time. The teacher said he was "perfect!"
He already made a new friend and her name is Maggie... not sure if her name is really Maggie or he just made it up because we just had little Maggie over at our house! But he was smitten by that little girl in his class! :)

On the way out the teacher was standing with her back toward us (but still in earshot). Jakey went up to her and said "I am going to kiss your butt!" and planted a kiss on her behind! LOL yes perfect he is!

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