Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jakeyisms - random ramblings

He stopped calling himself 1-2-3 Jakey... kinda makes me sad! Now he is "Mr. Jakey".

His seperation anxiety is getting a little tiny bit better... Friday he cried and cried on the way to school, but once there he couldn't say good-bye fast enough. It is a step... a baby step, but a step!

He started saying "girlfiend" (but with attitude) when something doesn't go the way he wants. "You can't do that, giiirrrlfriend!" The funny thing he says it to Scot, me, grandpa, whoever... doesn't really know what he is saying!

He got mad at me today because I called him my baby.
"I not a baby!"
"You used to... you used to be in Mommy's belly"
"NO! I came out of a shell"
"A shell?"
"Yeah like the horsies!"

He started that thing that everything is "in two minutes"

"You pick me up in 2 minutes"
"I watch TV for 2 minutes"
"I be mad for 2 minutes"
I want to eat for 2 minutes"

The other day I was in the kitchen peeling a cucumber when he came up behind me, hugged me and said "You are my best hero, Mommy" Makes everything worth it!

He discovered Star Wars now... we let him watch the first one and he is facinated! He knows all the names, knows all about the bad guys and the good guys, knows about the force and now he wants to be an Ewok for Halloween!

He is already talking about Santa and what he wants from Santa. "Mommy, Santa will come in 2 minutes!" He wants to have a candy cane and a gingerbread man from Santa... hey, the kid is cheap!

I let him play with my camera (don't worry my cheap P&S) the other day... this kept him busy for hours. As soon as I find the cord to my camera I will have to upload some. It was really funny and cute. He walked around the house yelling "I cheese this, Mommy!" or "Say cheese, car!" and after every click on the shutter he would break out in this strange laugh... no matter if he already saw the picture or not! I think we are going to have to get him one of those Fisher Price Toddler cameras for christmas... besides the candy cane.


  1. OMG. The horsies coming out of the shell made me laugh. Only Jakey. How cute.

  2. OMG - that is just so cute!

    I love that he loves the camera.

    I once thought I might could be a photog myself....for about 2 minutes.

  3. "I cheese this" - I love it!!! It's so great that you are keeping track of some of the hilarious things that come out of his mouth. It will be funny to read when he's older! He's so cute.