Sunday, September 7, 2008


I have to admit I feel used lately!

Constantly I hear "can you do this?", "can you help me?" and "can you watch...?"

I don't hear very often "What can I do for you?"

Probably my own fault! For not saying "NO" once in a while, but I try to be a good friend and want to help out... that is just my nature!

It seems like unless I am watching someones kid or take cheap (or free) pictures I don't see my friends! I feel like I just can't call a friend without a "real reason"...

I listen to heartaches, baby problems, weight problems, marriage problems, but what about MY problems!

Honestly I feel like "bugging" my friends with my own problems.

I have never had a problem with finding friends... I always had a large circle of friends around me.

I have one friend who I have met a few years ago... we have kids the same age.

She was never my bff... we saw each other once in a while, sometimes more often sometimes not and sometimes we didn't talk for months... for no REAL reason! I just didn't consider her a close friend, probably because I was busy pleasing my other friends!

This friend has made an huge offer these past few months to help me! Her past it similar as to my present and she knows what I am going through... what I am thinking about, and how much I am hurting!

She knows my Ovulation Cycle just as much as I do! I can call her at 8am in the morning and ask her questions about pee sticks! She knows when I am going through a particular rough day without me saying anything and text messages me or writes me a card!

She protects me from incentive comments and knows when a certain situation is hard for me... I don't have to tell her - she knows!

And most of all she talks to me about these things and doesn't pretend it never happened!

I can go over to her house and just hang... for no reason! Not because I am cooking/ baking her something, or because I am watching her kids, or because I am taking free pictures... no just because she wants to hang with me!

{Thank you so much for being my friend - you have no idea how much you are helping me!}


  1. A good friend like that sounds truly priceless!!

  2. I think everyone needs a friend like that. I'm glad you've one!

  3. With as good a friend as you sound like you are it's amazing that you don't have more good friends like this one.