Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today in one of those days I could scream! Actually I did scream!

Nothing in particular is wrong I just feel agitated... I just want to crawl out of my skin.

Jake is a very, very outgoing and social little boy. The last few weeks we experienced for the first time in his life was separation anxiety is all about! And it has been not good... He has to be with both of us 24/7. He will cry, scream, hit, run away and make himself vomit if one of us leaves! Yes, it is really bad.

Many time these last few weeks I had to run after him down the street while he is trying to "get Daddy back".

I have also spent many hours on the phone with him, while I was out, to calm him down. Nothing helps...

Yes, we can distract him and we have tried to sneak out, we have tried not to sneak out and let him know in advance we are going... it is always a drama!

When I am home with him he sits next to me all day loving and kissing on me. Hey, no I don't mind that, but if he has to sit on my lap while I am trying to take a crap... not so much fun!

The same goes at night. He doesn't want to sleep on his own anymore AT ALL. If he does fall asleep on his own, I can guarantee you that he will be in our bed before midnight!

I love my kid, but I need a break. I want my old Jakey back, the one who didn't look back when I dropped him off at a friends house...

This whole thing makes me wonder: Did something happen? at a friends house or at day care? Is he just mentally developing more and making connections to things that he might not understand yet and scare him?

How can I help and protect him from something I have no idea what is bothering him? The separation anxiety is just a way of him letting it all out. Everyone who knows Jakey knows that he is NOT shy!

I just can't make sense to it...

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