Sunday, August 17, 2008

I heart Target!

Target it probably my favorite store... I always find some great deals and I love the selection. But it is dangerous I always come out with way too much stuff. Today I went to get a gift bag and walked out of the store with many other goodies.

I bought this chefs hat, apron and the Batman tattoo at the dollar section! Isn't he the cutest chef?

But the best is still to come... I always wanted to get Jakey either the wooden Wonder Play kitchen or the work bench. But I just couldn't justify that kind of money. Today I found the work bench from $60 down to $14!!! I couldn't believe my eyes and grabbed one for christmas! I am soooo excited you have no idea!


  1. I heart Target too! That's a great deal on the work bench. Makes me want to run out and see if ours has the same deal!

  2. Oh, Target so totally rocks dude! I always spend way more than I mean to there, so I've been avoiding it. But... I NEED to get that chef's hat so I guess I'm going tomorrow!

  3. Awesome deal!! I love Target too. So much that I'm not allowed in there anymore :(