Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Ally!

Sonja & Ally, originally uploaded by Sonja B..

Today is my best friends birthday! She hit the big 3 0 !

We have met over 10 years ago... both silly Au pairs, far away from our families and shared the same love for "our" kiddos.

We became best friends instantly and nothing comes between us.

I can honestly say not too many people know me like she does. She has been there for me on good days and bad days... for better or for worse.... almost like a maried couple! She definatley is not just my best friend, but my sister!

She actually understands my bad humor and can tolerate my teasing!

She is the best Godmother we could wish for Jake and he loves his Ally dearly!

I hope your 30th year will bring you lots of luck, joy and blessings (I know it will!). Thank you for being a great best friend, sister, aunt, listener, cheerleader and believer! I love you for who you are and can't wait for our "date"!
xoxoxo Sonja

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