Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reasons why I love him...

I love that he thinks his name is 1-2-3 Jake. He tells that everyone who asks him... Let's see what he does when he turns four.

I love that when he points to something he uses his middle finger not his index finger... this has brought many stares.

I love that he discovered whispering and now even whispers things in our dogs ears. But he whispers to soft that I have to ask him about 5 times what he was saying...

I love that he "needs to do something" when I am obviously upset. Or when it starts raining "we need to do something to make the rain stop". Or when I misplaced my keys (again) then "we need to do something"!

I love that he still confuses hugs and kisses. If you ask for a hug you get a kiss and if you ask for a kiss... well then you still get a kiss. And everyone gets kisses... the lady who cut his hair, the maid in the hotel we stayed, the girl who works at UDF, his physical therapist... and he gives the best kisses!

I love that asks for chocolate for our dog. And then convinces us that the dog wants to share with him...

I love that he loves catching lightning bugs, play in the water, needs to distinguish between his little house (his playhouse) and his big house and that the highlight of the day is to see the new baby. I love that he loves to go to church and that he still talks about things we did last summer when he was only 2! I love that he is our little social butterfly and needs to say hello to everybody. I love that he constantly says "I missed you Mommy! You missed me?"

I love him for thousand more reasons, but mainly I love him because he is my Jakey!

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  1. What a sweetheart! And your pictures of him are GORGEOUS!