Saturday, July 12, 2008


We got back from a day trip to Louisville this afternoon.
I had a wedding in Louisville and Scot and Jake decided to come with me. Originally we also planned to visit Scot's cousin in Nashville, but things got a little screwed up... to say it nicely.

Anyways we had a blast in Louisville! I have to say we were both really impressed and are planning on going back down there again soon!

We mainly hung out in the Bardstown Rd area and visited some great restaurants and shops. Definitely worth a visit! We spent most of the morning at a great park and played in a stream and caught little fishies. I really didn't feel like taking any pictures, after shooting for eight hours the previous day. But you have to take my word and just believe me that it was absolutely beautiful!

For lunch we drove up and down Bardstown Rd and I let Scot decide where he wanted to eat. He picked Ramsi's... OMG the food was awesome and reasonable cheap! But the best was Jake's behavior... we have almost stopped completely eating out, because of Jake's high maintenance energy! But for lunch today he was just great! Thank you, little man!

I couldn't resit to take a picture of my two men in front of this sign! It cracks me up every time I look at it!

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