Saturday, June 28, 2008

i am 3

i am 3, originally uploaded by Sonja B..

Jake has developed his humor side over the last few weeks.
He wants to be silly all the time and even learned how to say knock knock jokes.

Jake: Knock, Knock
Me: Who is there?
Jake: schoolbus

(and the he starts laughing and that was the end of the joke... don't know why but makes me laugh every single time)

The other day he was walking barefeet outside in the driveway and the pebbles were hurting his feet. He was whinning and said "My feet are killing me" LOL he must hear me say that a lot!

The above picture is how he says how old he is! He does not want to hear that that's five not three... he can count, but makes up his own rules.

He has been so affectionate lately, I just can't get enough of him... I even kept him home from preschool yesterday and we played outside in the yeard all day.

I brought a picnik blanket out and he insisted that I layed down on it and fed me blueberries one by one. He was so gentle and sweet... It was just one of those moments that I know I will always carry with me.

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