Monday, June 9, 2008

Cicadas & Swimm Lessons

The cicadas are back!!! They are loud, annoying and just everywhere! Now even IN our house!!!

Jake's daycare provider gave him a little bug cage and let him catch cicadas today. He has about 12 of them in his little cage. He is so proud and has names for all of them... of course the names keep changing, but that's still cute.

He loves watching them, but does NOT want to touch them. He wants to feed them to the turtle and to Bailey... yeah, I know pretty sick, but he is a boy!

He screams in delight when Bailey catches one in her mouth. And when they make their "cicada noise" he tells them to stop screaming. hahaha

Tonight Jake had his first swim class at Coney. He did really well and the instructor was awesome. I was worried because Jakey doesn't do the whole group thing and listening to instructions very well. But I must say I was surprises how well he did. I am just already exhausted thinking that we will be there 4 times a week for 4 weeks. Scot and I (or should I say just I) have decided that we will take turns on taking him...

Just one quick snapshot of him and his little buddy Ben at the pool... I am too tired to go through all my pics and I don't think they turned out pretty good.


  1. Great pics! I'm glad he likes swimming! Great idea to take turns ;)

  2. Too cute!! Glad he's enjoying swim class :)