Saturday, May 31, 2008

what we did today...

First we played a long time on Jakeys new bed. We made a camp under it, we fished from the top bunk and we attached a basketball hoop and played basketball. We also had a picnic on the top bunk and read lots and lots of books!
I tell you that bunk bed was well worth it! He loves being in it and even wants to play in it during the day.

After lunch we took the big card box the bunk bed came in, outside and colored it (and ourselves)

Then we went to our friend Nick's new Creamy Whip.

Had ice cream...

... and our first lesson in gambling!

(and everyone who knows my kid, know that this is his favorite facial expression)

Then we went to the Summerfair at Coney Island. Rode the rides and had dinner!

(him scratching his poison ivy and yelling to go faster at the same time)

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