Sunday, March 2, 2008

Birthday week

this was a loooong week, full with exams, homework, sicknesses, birthday celebrations, activities and so on... BUT we made it and it was awesome.

Here are a few highlights:

Jakey started soccer on Wednesday. He was very excited about it, but once there he didn't want anything to do with the other kids. In the picture he is the only one playing by himself in the corner. He cried that other kids kicked "his" ball and when he noticed that the pool was next door he went up to the coach and said: "I am all done with soccer. I am going swimming"! Well, and that was the end of soccer practise. e will try again next week!

Oma sent a huge package with pirate clothes for Jakey. Look at those cute undies! I heart them! Thanks Oma!

Jakeys birthday cake... it took me forever! I baught the cake pan on eBay and you can either make Batman or Superman. Jake was sooooo excited when he saw his cake and it totally was worth all the work.

Lucky little dude also had a party at his preschool/ daycare! He had a great time and the kids made him the most adorable cards ever! He also got a Diego Walkie Talkie from is day care provider... I know, poor kid!

And if all this is not enough - Daddy decided to make Brownies with him on his birthday! (He only already had cupcakes and cake!), but it was a special treat because he could lick out the bowl!

Here is a cute shot of Jakey at his party with his candy necklace. I made sure I put one away for Mommy...

I had capes made for all of this kids for the party. Here is Jake running with his through the house. I am going to try to take a better picture of him soon with his cape, but he is just "superhero" fast and I can't catch him!

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  1. What a cool party! That cake is awesome and it looks like everyone had fun! Those capes rock!