Thursday, January 31, 2008

Favorite Book

I thought I will do a series of Jakey's favorites.
Favorite color, favorite drink, favorite food, etc.
Today I am going to talk about Jake's Favorite book.

Lady and the Tramp

He loves, loves, loves this book! I have to read it to him at least twice a day. The funny thing is, he doesn't call it by it's title, but "Two Doggies"! Kids make life so much less complicated!

This is his favorite part of the book.

Tramp fight the rat (don't ask) and Aunt Sarah comes in the room and hits him with a broom and locks him in a closet. This is what Jake says EVERYTIME

"Oh NO, Aunt Sarah! I am going to hit you in the feet. bum bum bum" And then he will punch the book where her foot is... LOL

On a side note:
After a procedure gone bad, I am having surgery tomorrow morning. I am nervous, but also looking forward to getting this over with. I am super excited that my best friend is coming and is staying with us for a few days to help out! I will keep you updated!

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