Sunday, December 23, 2007


we took Jakey yesterday afternoon to see Santa! At this point he kind of knew who Santa was, but really wasn't getting it!
When we go to the mall there were about 20 families waiting in line to see Santa. But Santa was on his lunch break. So, we waited in line for what seemed forever with not only your child bored and fussing, but about 50 other little kids doing the same. The kid behind us even threw up all over his Mom...! As soon as Santa returned and the line started to move, Jakey started screaming
"I need to go PeePee!!!"
Oh no! I grabbed him and ran to the next restroom... pants down, shoes off and my phone rings...
it is Scot: "we are next in line!!!"
Ohhhh Shut! Pee! Pants on! Shoes on! No, we don't need to wash our hands! As we are running back to Santa, Jakey on my hip yelling:
"Hold on tight, Mommy!"
We made it!
Jakey sat on Santa's lap and wanted to tell him what he wants for Christmas (a car and chocolate), but the whole time Santa said to him
"Look in the camera kid and smile!"
That' why the picture turned out like this:

Poor kid, just wanted to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas. As soon as the picture was taken, Santa gently shoved him off his lap!
Me: "Jakey, tell Santa what you want for Christmas"
Santa: "He already did! Bye!"

What? No he did not! He didn't get a chance because he was for about 20 seconds on his lap and had to stare in the camera!
And lets not even mention that we spent $20 on two 5x7's... what if I just want one?

But Jakey loved seeing Santa and now tells EVERYONE that he sat on Santa's lap... and hugged and kissed him!

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