Monday, November 19, 2007

100 things about sonja

1. I was born in Germany, but have lived also in England, Paraguay and now here in the U.S.
2. I have been married for almost a year and still haven't changed my last name. It is on my to do list!
3. I constantly forget how old I am! Am I 28 or 27... and then I have to count!
4. I look much younger than I am! Not sure sometime if I should take it as a compliment.
5. My favorite number is 24. Only because I like the sound of "six times four is twenty four" - I know it doesn't make sense.
6. I love to watch TV shows about Medical Miracles, Hospital stories, Illnesses... surgery. Don't know why... just can't stop watching!
7. I HATE my middle name and want to change my last name to my middle name once I change to my husbands name.
8. My son has my last name as his middle name.
9. I secretly want a tattoo, but know that my husband what totally freak out!
10. I wish I never had gotten my eyebrow pierced... the tattoo is probably not a good idea.
11. I am a leader, not a follower!
12. I hate it when people eat Bananas next to me... the sound drives me crazy!
13. I hate corn on the cob, but like corn out of the can!
14. Since we are at food - I hate the smell of cinnamon!
15. I only feel good, if my schedule is packed and I am tired and exhausted from trying to get everything done!
16. I can't believe how lucky I am to have my son! and my husband!
17. I hated high school - everything about it!
18. I wanted to be a stewardess or a horse trainer when I was kid... now I hate to fly and I am afraid of horses
19. I am terrified of snakes! But so much that I think I would pass out, just knowing that there is a snake anywhere near the house (even outside)
20. back to foods - I like eating eggs, but the thought of them makes me puke!
21. After I take a shower I like to bundle up in a towel and just sit for a while on the floor... guess how many times that happens since I am a Mom
22. I do not like taking baths. It makes me feel like I am sitting in my own dirt!
23. I love to make lists - even for silly things (like this)
24. I am an Internet addict! I really mean that!
25. travelling is my passion
26. I even have a "DREAM" list - things that I dream about doing
27. I fall asleep within 5 minutes - if I take longer than 10 minutes then I am sick!
28. My husband says I snore
29. I have eczema
30. I haven't been home to Germany in almost 5 years
31. I haven't been home to Paraguay in 8 years
32. I love changing the phone ringer on my husbands cell - he has no idea how to change it back
33. I love to read, but never can find time to read.
34. I also have a list of books that I want to read during the summer
35. Kindred by Octavia Butler is my favorite book
36. I used to LOVE boy bands and sometimes still listen to their music
37. When I was 15 my best friend and I made up a school newspaper to get interviews with our favorite bands
38. And it worked!
39. I could get high on the smell of play dough
40. I get drunk after drinking one beer - no kidding
41. I won the State Championship in Whitewater Kayaking
42. I love to be in the water - kayak, canoe, raft... but I swim like a dog
43. I have to sometimes leave post-it notes to remind myself to drink water
44. My boobs are my favorite part of my body
45. I have watched Love Actually at least 25 times
46. I always cry when I watch My Girl ("Where are his glasses...")
47. If I had tons of money I would have someone come in every day to do my hair
48. I HATE my hair
49. Can't stand the smell of fabric
50. I start planning my son Birthday parties 5 months in advance
51. I consider myself as shy, but most people would describe me as outgoing... I just pretend
52. Strawberry ice cream makes me gag
53. Ironing is my least favorite household chore
54. My Mom bought me my first iron a few months ago.. I have only used it once!
55. I can't read in the car
56. I can't sew - not even sew a button on
57. I can't decide on my favorite color
58. You do NOT want to hear me sing
59. My Mom sings even worse than I do! When I was a kid I was embarrassed when my Mom sang in church
60. I am a morning person... I don't do good in Evening classes
61. Which reminds me: I am still in school!
62. I hate my feet being touched!
63. We have a cat, dog, 2 turtles, one fish, one frog and a snail
64. I don't have any allergies
65. Cereal makes me even more hungry
66. I am afraid of puppets
67. And the Grinch
68. I could drink a gallon of milk everyday
69. I love talking on the phone
70. My favorite Starbucks drink is a Orange Chocolate Frappuchino with no whip cream
71. I hate clubbing
72. I have never played golf
73. I used to play tennis and sucked
74. I am a Cancer
75. I almost always skip breakfast
76. I used to work in a gas station
77. I have blue eyes
78. I hope my next baby has my husband eyes
79. I have been in plenty of car accidents - usually not my faults
80. Wish my whole house was decorated with IKEA things
81. My husbands hates IKEA
82. I only can sleep on the right side of the bed
83. Only sleep with socks on... probably because I hate my feet being touched
84. Can't curl my tongue
85. Do not like Mexican food
86. I want a lot of children... if we could afford it 4-6
87. I already have names picked out for my future children
88. I used to have braces
89. I wanted to adopt one day
90. I always wished I had an older brother instead of a younger one...
91. And I am glad my first child is a boy
92. But I originally wanted a girl
93. I can't remember my grandfathers
94. My husband is 13 years older than me
95. He lied about his age when we met
96. And I am glad he lied about his age or I wouldn't have dated him
97. My husband and dad are both born on Halloween
98. I hate drinking coffee
99. I used to be a size 0 know I am a borderline 10!!!
100. I can't believe I finished this list!

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  1. 100 things! Wow! I admire your drive to finish lists. I thought you liked D.P. - that's Mexican food... I am glad that the rest doesn't come as a surprise :)
    Take care